Spirit Untamed (2021) Anime-English subtitles download

A simple and exciting movie about the unity of a rebellious woman and a wild Mustang. The animation is fascinating, the song is entertaining, and the plot progresses rapidly. It is also full of high-quality messages with containers, friendship, determination, and confidence. Lucky Prescott A sweet adventure to attack a small sleepy town in this huge metropolis and make friends with the rebellious but adorable Spirit. After her mother’s death, Lucky is sent to live with her grandfather and collaborative aunt. Lucky grows up in a mansion and wants to dismiss his teacher so he can play with a variety of kids. When she accidentally destroys her grandfather’s attempt to run for governor, Lucky is dispatched to sit with her father. Their journey sees their energy and pressures them to face their fears, but it also reveals the reality of who they are and what they can achieve. 

Release Date4 June 2021
Running time87 mins
File typeSRT(Zip file)
Spirit Untamed(2021) Subtitles