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The couple are among the captives taken by horse-riding slave-hunters, but D’Leh is in charge of an epic rescue mission that follows the caravan all the way to a ‘living god’s’ pyramid construction site. He bids for the freedom of his people by gaining the love of a people he inspired on the road thanks to a saber-tooth he once rescued and secretly forging a slave rise. D’Leh grew up as a protege of master hunter Tic’Tic, a pseudo-orphaned semi-outcast after his father left his mammoth hunting tribe on a hidden, prophecy-related quest. First of all, putting the facts, he loses his cheater chance of winning status to the charmed girl Evolet, who falls to his rival-buddy Ka’Ren.

Release DateMarch 7, 2008
Running time109minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
1000 BC (2008) Subtitles