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An eschewal-of-control youngish skirt is made to come face-to-face with her genius-destructive life and her jones to alcohol and temper bettering lozenges. Gwen Cummings is a New York author who, alongside her man Jasper, tries to mob into her life as an awful lot piquing as possible. The lubricant is liquor. After showing up late and inebriated for her kindred’s marriage, Gwen drinks yea lesser at the fete and ends up collapsing into the marriage rite galette, either using off in the limo and crashing into a suburban stoop. The judge ordered her to enter a 28- day recovery play at a vicinity that pertained to Serenity Glen.

Release Date14 April 2000
Running time1h 44mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
28 Days (2000) Subtitles