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Claiming to assassinate the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the elderly Antonio Salieri recounts to the priest his dealings with a brilliant composer. Salieri was the court composer of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II when Mozart and he met for the first time. Mozart got commissioned by The emperor, the great patron of the arts, to write an opera in German, rather than the usual Italian . Mozart is childish, arrogant, annoying, and brilliant all at once, and Salieri is at the same time in awe and green with envy of his genius. Mozart’s difficult relationship with his father was used as tool by and his guilt for being a bad son to drive him slightly mad and into a downward spiral of ill health, leading to his death.

Release DateSeptember 6, 1984 (Los Angeles)
September 19, 1984 (United States)
Running time161minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Amadeus (1984) Subtitles