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After the demise of the Pope, the conference has assembled in a locked space to pick his replacement among four cardinals assigned “preferent”. Nonetheless, the group of four is snatched by the Illuminati, a mysterious fraternity that was assumed destroyed. The symbologist Robert Langdon and the researcher Vittoria Vetra, who had her incredible and perilous model of antimatter research taken, are welcomed by the Vatican police to help them in their examinations. They are gotten by the responsive Camerlengo, Patrick McKenna, and by the hesitant Commander Richter. They are educated that the Illuminati have vowed to kill every cardinal consistently from 8:00 PM and afterward explode Vatican City with the antimatter. Robert and Vittoria have a couple of hours to disentangle the signs and find where the deadly weapon may be covered up.

Release DateMay 15, 2009 (United States)
Running time138minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Angels & Demons (2009) Subtitles