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The worn-out and tired U.S. Army captain Willard was sent on a harrowing and surreal mission to the deepest parts of the jungle during the height of the Vietnam War, with the aim of eliminating the villain Walter E. Kurtz, a Green Beret officer who had completely lost his sanity. Together with a small squad of soldiers, Willard set out on a boat to travel up the river to Kurtz’s base. Willard soon realises, however, that the closer he gets to his target, the more he appears to be in him. Everything could happen on the mission, but one thing is clear; if it succeeds, Willard won’t return the same thing.

Release DateMay 19, 1979 (Cannes)
August 15, 1979 (United States)
Running time153minutes
File typeSRT ( zip file)
apocalypse now (1979) Subtitles