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One of Bergman’s most important works, with a feminine look and a reflection on the mother-daughter relationship. Charlotte Andergast, a world-renowned pianist, has lost Leonardo, the man she had shared her life with for many years. Her death leaves her in a state of desolation and bewilderment. Eva, his daughter, who has been married to a priest in a small town in Norway for many years, has invited her to come to visit. The two women challenge each other, pursue each other, and at times repudiate each other over the course of several days. Their meeting is important for both of their futures. This film explores the appearance and absence of love, as well as the desire for love and its deceptions. The kind of love that deforms and the kind of love that preserves.

Release Date8 October 1978 (Sweden)
Running time99minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Autumn Sonata (1978) Subtitles