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In the 12 months of our Lord, Judea for nearly a century had lain underneath the mastery of Rome. In the seventh 12 months of the reign of Augustus Caesar, a Homeric decree ordered each Judean to return to his region of launch to be counted and tested. Clustering styles of numerous of them led to the gates of their capital city Jerusalem, the stricken coronary heart of their land. Indeed while they adhered to the will of Caesar, the mortal beings cleaved proudly to their literal heritage. Constantly remembering the pledge of their prophets, one day there would be born amongst them a Deliverer to carry them deliverance and stylish freedom. When a Jewish Napoleon is despatched into slavery using a Roman friend, he regains his freedom. It used to be one of the most honored, award-winning pictures of all time.

Release Date18 November 1959
Running time3h 32mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Ben-Hur (1959) Subtitles