Black Friday (2007) English subtitles download

Sawa performs Ken, a man who’s at least a decade aged than utmost of hisco-workers at a massive subject toy save, and complains about giving half of his stingy stipend to hisex-wife and now not seeing his sprat. Like utmost people, he hates having to work on Black Friday, but manages his miserable actuality with effects like booze hidden in the restroom ceiling and a fling with a colleague. His counter is Chris (Ryan Lee), the tremendously new youth who hopes to go antedating the retail place fleetly but involved that he’s getting caught in it. He may see his future tone in Ken, and it clearly is now not an accurate thing. As the fruity stuff hits the addict, “ Black Friday” develops tya a pe of a “ Breakfast Club” dynamic

Release Date9 February 2007
Running time2h 47mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Black Friday (2007) Subtitles