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The clue is a homicide mystery/comedy film primarily based on the board game Clue. The film justifies a massive mansion full of people with stupid names trying to solve a homicide mystery by turning all of the characters from the board sport into blackmail victims through the usage of predetermined aliases. The six companies journey to the far-off mansion after receiving an invitation from Wadsworth to expose his employer, Mr. Boddy, as a blackmailer.

Mr. Boddy turns the tables on the plan: he offers absolutely everyone a weapon and asks them to kill Wadsworth so no one will have their secrets exposed. When the lights go out, someone kills Mr. Boddy; because all and sundry has both the capacity and a cause to turn Boddy into a body, all and sundry will become a suspect in his murder. The group opts to solve the case themselves as an alternative than name the police, and Hilarity Ensues—and in a true way.

Release Date13 December 1985
Running time1h 37mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Clue (1985) Subtitles