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To everyone’s surprise, the serious swimmer, Haley, crashes into the mouth of an irately dangerous Category 5 tropical storm on an impact course with her old neighborhood of Florida, to monitor her offended dad, Dave. There, in their climate-beaten house in the midst of a quickly sinking and crocodile invaded town, Haley and her dad end up caught in the tangled wreck of their overflowed unfinished plumbing space, where a savage pair of six-meter hunters is quietly following them. Presently – as Haley and Dave are heaving for air in the claustrophobic storm cellar – just their will to endure can help them have a potential for success against the textured enemies’ incredible jaws. Would they be able to escape without getting eaten alive?

Release DateJuly 12, 2019
Running time87minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Crawl (2019) Subtitles