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Cult of Chucky picks up Nica Pierce’s story from Curse of Chucky, introduces a sprinkle of fellow convicts who have a hard enough time besides an evil-speaking doll walking around, throw in a skeevy fitness guru with intelligence for hypnotism, and brings in a couple of Chucky dolls truly to maximize the hallucinatory effect. Chucky himself seems indeed larger aware of the ridiculousness of the court cases than usual, but they have an impact on isn’t one of tone- parody also again managing to heighten the weirdness and trouble indeed further.

Nica is dwelling in an intellectual institution, induced that it used to be her who killed her family and not Chucky. Unfortunately for her, the killer doll returns to terrify her, as duly as the relaxation of the victims and staff, while also having the standing to settle with his major adversary, Andy Barclay, with the help of his nut Tiffany.

Release Date20 October 2017
Running time1h 31mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Cult of Chucky (2017) Subtitles