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A strange driver in Los Angeles is a quiet man who works as a garage technician for his only friend Shannon. He also works as a stuntman in Hollywood movies and as a getaway car driver in heists. He helps his neighbour Irene and her son Benicio, whose husband is in prison, one day, and he falls in love with her.Standard Gabriel, her husband, gets freed from prison a few days later, and the two meet in the building. The criminal Cook presses Standard to rob a pawn shop to pay for the protection he received in prison, and the driver agrees to assist him by driving the getaway car. The theft, however, does not go as planned, and the driver now finds himself in the position of having to protect Irene and Benicio.

Release DateSeptember 16, 2011 (United States)
Running time100minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Drive (2011) Subtitles