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Longing to consider the monstrous billows of inestimable energy in the huge space, the splendid physicist, Dr Reed Richards, enrolls the assistance of his mogul schoolmate, Dr Victor von Doom. All things considered, the inconceivable fuel source influences Reed, transforming him into the flexible “Mr Fantastic”; Victor’s aide, Sue Storm, turns into the “Undetectable Girl”; her hot-blooded more youthful sibling, Johnny, is presently the flaring “Human Torch”, and ultimately, pilot Ben Grimm changes into the fickle mass of rocks and muscles known as “The Thing”. In any case, from the dark drained of space, mankind’s chief foe shows up. Can the Fantastic 4, the relentless band of inconceivable superheroes, upset the dangerous plans of the strange, Dr Doom?

Release DateJuly 8, 2005 (United States
Running time106minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Fantastic Four (2005) Subtitles