Finch (2021) – English subtitles download

Tom Hanks has two new buddies for organisation in his new a-man-is-an-island movie, Finch. To be precise, Hanks’ titular character must end up an island as he’s the ultimate man in post-apocalyptic St. Louis and possibly well beyond. Civilisation lies in ruins. Dust storms engulf entire cities. The destruction of the ozone layer has improved UV radiation to a degree the place nearly all plant and animal lifestyles have been wiped out. The daylight burns the skin of these barring protecting suits on. Finch Weinberg is a robotics engineer who has ridden out the post-apocalypse so a ways via holing out in an underground bunker with his dog, Goodyear. The man’s coughs sound deathly though. Knowing he doesn’t have lots time left, he builds an android to watch over the canine in his absence.  A big one sure to smash their hideaway and everything with it. So, the trio pack up and embark on a cross-country street outing to protected haven in San Francisco.

Release date5 November 2021
Running time1h 55mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Finch (2021) Subtitles