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Sandra, the spouse who discovers her husband’s infidelity just as she was hoping to ride their Ocado-delivered retirement, and Celia Imrie as Bif, her pot-smoking bohemian sister. Spall and Staunton are tremendous. Her girlish pleasure when she rediscovers her pleasure in dancing lights up her face from the inside; his quiet grief, as he realizes that his cherished visits to his dementia-stricken partner are inflicting her confusion and pain, is heart-wrenching tells the transferring story of how to lead persona Sandra performed through Imelda Staunton CBE. she transforms her existence and faces the highs and lows that can come with getting older. When her sister drags her along to a community dance class, Sandra steadily starts finding her feet, her self-esteem, and romance.

Release Date22 February 2018
Running time1h 54mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Finding Your Feet (2018) Subtitles