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On a peaceful Friday evening at an almost unfilled bank close to shutting time, Tripp approaches the stall of the shrewd-looking teller, Kaitlin, to separate a $100 note. Nonetheless, seemingly the last exchange before the end of the week, quickly transforms into an unstable circumstance, as not one, but rather two unique arrangements of driven hoodlums at the same time endeavor to burglarize the bank, getting a couple of prisoners in the hazardous crossfire. Presently, a maladroit team of crush and-snatch looters contends with a profoundly prepared posse of crooks for the association’s fortunes, unbeknownst to them that the stage is set for a superbly wicked round of ensnarement. Without a doubt, there is a vile criminal driving force behind this dangerous fly snare. Will Tripp and Kaitlin outfox him to address the secret of the twofold theft?

Release DateAugust 19, 2011 (United States)
Running time87minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Flypaper (2011) Subtitles