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In a strange universe, the Green Lantern Corps, a tip top safeguard power of harmony and equity have existed for quite a long time. Foolish aircraft tester Hal Jordan gains superhuman forces when he is picked by the Ring, the determination took care of wellspring of force. Hesitantly from the start, he takes on the test after the demise of Abin Sur, the best Green Lantern. Setting his self-questions to the side, and prodded on by his feeling of obligation and love for his excellent, mentally equivalent, associate, Carol Ferris, he is before long called to safeguard humankind from Parallax, an incredible, evil being who benefits from dread. Hal Jordan is the universe’s last possibility, as many Green Lanterns have been slaughtered and the Corps is debilitated, and he may very well be the correct Green Lantern for the obligation of keeping the world secure in general.

Release DateJune 17, 2011 (United States)
Running time114minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Green Lantern (2011) Subtitles