Hubie Halloween (2020) English subtitles download

    It’s Halloween in Salem and the town’s eccentric local volunteer, additionally the object of his fellow people’s derision, Hubie Dubois finds himself in the midst of a true murder mystery. It’s a silly, crude, gleefully outlandish romp based totally on a ridiculous character carried out to the hilt via anyone who has earned the proper to be recognized as a comedic legend, regardless of anything his legions of detractors have to say about his career choices. Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween gets creeped out by many things which is one of his predominant character traits. Citizens of Salem are conscious that he receives scared without difficulty and usually try to prank him. But Hubie does now not furnish upon his kindness and goes out to assist all people in desire each Halloween.

Release date7 October 2020
Running time1h 42mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Hubie Halloween (2020) Subtitles