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In the pantheon of home intrusion thrillers, “Quiet” offers a one-of-a-kind snare: the lady attempting to endure the night is hard of hearing. It’s just a slight reasonable wind on “Stand by Until Dark,” the 1967 spine chiller with Aubrey Hepburn as a visually impaired lady confronting comparable conditions. “Quiet” doesn’t look like that film a lot of besides its fundamental dread factor. Essayist chief Mike Flanagan’s frightening development to 2013’s first-rate “Oculus” gives the executioner an underlying benefit over his prey, while she spends the film sorting out some way to see his assaults. While “Oculus” highlighted a spooky mirror that meddled with its casualties’ impression of the world, “Quiet” offers two restricting methods of encountering it immediately.

Release DateApril 8, 2016 (United States)
Running time81minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Hush (2016) Subtitles