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King Richard” is a half sports movie, half of the biopic. As such, it hits the sweet spots and sour notes of each genre.“King Richard” reminds us the Williams sisters had a mother, Brandy, played by way of the always welcome Aunjanue Ellis. Ellis is somewhat trapped in the “supportive partner who puts up with a bunch of crap yet has her own dreams” role, however, she has two knockout scenes that reinforce why she’s one of my preferred currently working actors. The larger, and more astonishing of the two, occurs when she finally has had adequate of her husband’s self-martyrdom.

Brandy reads her husband for filth, and the electricity between the fiery Ellis and the backpedaling yet nevertheless prideful Smith makes for one of the year’s fantastic scenes. It’s a smaller version of Viola Davis’ masterful scene opposite Denzel Washington in “Fences”—Brandy and Rose are saying the same thing, combatting and besting the same type of foe—but it’s equally memorable  

Release date19 November 2021
Running time2h 24mins
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