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Léon, a plant-loving New Yorker and professional hitman, or “cleaner,” has his world turned upside down when a crooked DEA agent wipes out the entire family of his tough twelve-year-old neighbour Mathilda. Since she has nowhere else to turn, the streetwise adolescent infiltrates Léon’s otherwise quiet life, even making a ridiculous bargain with her new surrogate father: in return for Léon’s vast knowledge of the barbaric art of killing, Mathilda will do the housework. Mathilda’s only motivation now is a burning desire to avenge her younger brother. Has she, on the other hand, what it takes to savour the sweet nectar of vengeance?

Release Date14 September 1994 (France)
Running time133 minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Leon: The Professional (1999) Subtitles