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It’s the year 1939. Guido, the exuberant, jovial newcomer, arrives in town. He serves as a waiter under the supervision of his uncle, a distinguished Jew. Guido has a crush on Dora, a schoolteacher whom he refers to as “princess” and who he courts by turning up at inconvenient times. She rejects her fiancé in favour of Guido. The film leaps forward to the final months of the war. Nora and Guido have a son named Giosué, and when Guido and the boy are sent to a death camp, Dora joins them. Despite the fact that the camp’s men and women are divided and a child is in grave danger, Guido manages to connect with Dora, hide Giosué, and persuade the boy that this is an elaborate game, a special contest to win a tank.

Release Date20 December 1997 (Italy)
Running time116 minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Life is Beautiful (1997) Subtitles