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A homely, polite Australian girl of eight chooses a name out of a Manhattan phone book in the mid-1970s and writes to him; she has a chocolate bar. She’s Mary Dinkle, an alcoholic mother’s only child, and a distracted father. This is Max Horowitz, an overweight man, living alone in New York with Asperger’s. He’s writing back, in chocolate. A 20-year correspondence thus begins. A 20-year correspondence, disrupted by a stay in an asylum and a few misunderstandings, thus begins. Mary falls in love with a neighbor, saves money in order to remove a birthmark, and struggles with loss. Max has a neighborly bond, manages to regulate his weight, and ultimately gets a dream career. Are the two ever going to meet face to face?

Release Date9 April 2009 (Australia)
Running time90minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Mary and Max (2009) Subtitles