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Adjusted from creator David Nicholls’ widely praised novel of a similar name, chief Lone Scherfig’s One Day stars Anne Hathaway as a principled common young lady who fashions an interesting bond with a rich joyrider that traverses twenty years. July 15, 1988: Emma is going to enter this present reality. An optimist from humble childhoods, she fantasies about making the world a superior spot for everybody. The evening of her graduation, Emma meets Dexter a rich tease cool as a cucumber. Dexter is likewise graduating, however not at all like Emma he anticipates an eventual fate of solace and advantage. By seeking out Emma and Dexter each July fifteenth for the following 20 years, we experience their bliss, difficulties, and grief as they endeavor to experience their fantasies and discover significance in a world that is continually evolving.

Release Date24 August 2011 (United Kingdom)
Running time108minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
One Day (2011) Subtitles