One December Night (2021) English subtitles download

Quinn is a report producer who is tasked with reuniting the biggest band in the world. Quinn’s father takes a region to be one-half of the duo, which is why she is requested to help. Quinn makes a deal that if she receives the band together, her consumer Addison, an opening act gig. Quinn heads to the homeland of Bedford and Sullivan to try and get them to lower back together. She runs into a childhood friend/maybe cousin Jason, who manages his father, and says there is no way they will reunite. The show is only in a few days, so Quinn and Jason have their work reduced out for them. Mike refuses to go to photoshoots, leaving Steve to revel in the highlight alone. (Something he looks to no longer has a hassle doing.) Mike decides to show up after speaking to Jason. The two musicians begrudgingly take pictures while taking digs at one another.

Release date13 November 2021
Running time1h 24mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
One December Night (2021) Subtitles