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Kate, a blue-collar kind and single mother of three candy daughters who holds down two jobs whilst analyzing to get a nursing diploma and is in the midst of an economic crisis. While mopping up the champagne-soaked carpet on a large yacht, she runs into Eugenio Derbez’s playboy Leonardo—the party-hardy wastrel son of the 0.33 richest man in the world, we are told—who no longer solely insults her alternatively pushes her into the drink alongside with her cleaning gear.

Soon, he falls into the water himself and washes up on the seashore with no understanding of his identity. Faris seizes the chance to claim she is his spouse so she can foist all the household chores on him, as well as make him work a bodily worrying development job. She additionally tells him that, until he can proceed to be sober, he ought to sleep in the garage.

Release Date3 May 2018
Running time1h 52mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Overboard (2018) Subtitles