Passengers (2008) – English Subtitles Download

Claire Summers, a psychotherapist is given an assignment by her mentor to counsel five passengers who recently survived a plane crash. During the course of her sessions with the passengers she finds herself drowning to one of the passengers, Eric. Eric seems to be more mysterious than all of the passengers. Just as Claire and Eric start their romantic relationship the other passengers start to disappear. Claire, who is disturbed from the events, decides to know the truth behind the crash and the disappearance of her subjects. 

The movie is directed by Rodrigo Garcia and features Anne Hathway, Patrick Wilson, Cleau DuVall, Andre Braugher, Chelah Horsdal, David Morse and Dianne Wiest. 

Release date24 October 2008
Running time93 minutes
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Passengers Subtitles Download