Pieces of a Woman (2020) – English subtitles download

A woman named Martha, an agency govt in Boston, is in labor; her child is being born at home, with the useful resource of a midwife named Eva. The organizing proves thorny, and the new toddler dies. Grief exacerbates conflicts between Martha and her mate, Sean, a constructing jefe. Meanwhile, as their relationship deteriorates, Martha’s mom, Elizabeth, a rich woman, insists that Martha press costs in opposition to the midwife and either count on about a civil go nicely with in opposition to her; due to the reality Martha is reticent to do so, Elizabeth recruits a relation, Suzanne, a prosecutor, to help with each case, and presses Sean to useful aid with the cases in the again of Martha’s back. What results is a courtroom schedule drama in which imprisonment troubles, so, hand away to matters of the core.

Release Date4 September 2020
Running time2h 6mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Pieces of a Woman (2020) Subtitles