Pig (2021) English subtitles download

As a mournful, weary hermit searching for his kidnapped truffle pig, the actor bypasses the movie’s mediocre thoughts to create some gorgeous moments. The film starts with the hero, Cage’s quiet and introverted woodsman Rob, in a cabin with his Pig, referred to only as Pig. We see them searching for desserts together, and we watch Rob doting on Pig and cooking up mushrooms in a pan. The Pig looks to have a knack for discovering unusual fungi. A youthful man named Amir suggests up to buy a haul of truffles.

Amir is Rob’s most vital supply of income. On the other hand, would have no longer desired due to the reality dedicated to living off the grid, communing with nature, and nursing a motherlode of grief over a woman. He misplaced her solely because he has audio recordings that he cannot lift himself to play.

Release Date16 July 2021
Running time1h 32mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Pig (2021) Subtitles