Reign Of Fire (2002) English Subtitles Download

Quinn, a twelve-year-old construction engineer in modern-day London, watches as his mother, a construction engineer, unintentionally awakens a massive fire-breathing beast from its century-long slumber. Most of the planet has been scarred by the beast and its descendants twenty years later. Quinn’s job as a fire chief entails fending off the beasts and keeping a group safe while they eke out a living. Van Zan, a hotshot American, appears in their midst, claiming to have a way to destroy the beasts and save humanity – a method Quinn has never seen before. In this thrilling story of adventure and survival, a medieval past collides with a post-apocalyptic future.

Release Date12 July 2002
Running time102minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Reign Of Fire (2002)) Subtitles