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Rio Bravo’s reach-out, the relaxed-paced film is set in a tiny Texas border town, Rio Bravo, heavily influenced by detestable cows noble Russell and his stupid sibling, Akins. A humble community sheriff in the American West enrolls the assistance of a challenged person, an alcoholic, and a youthful gunslinger in his endeavors to hold in prison the sibling of the nearby miscreant.

Russell lays siege to the prison, and Wayne has been compelled to depend on the town inebriated (Martin), a grumpy old disabled person (Brennan), and an untested youthful desperado (Nelson) for help.

Rio bravo is exceptional amusement with its straightforward plotline, recognizable characters, tunes, and successive humor. Notwithstanding, the film has been exaggerated by some fanatical pundits, who either disregard its flimsy parts or guard them as remarkable peculiarities

Release Date18 March 1959
Running time2h 21mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Rio Bravo ( 1959) Subtitles