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A story of piousness and redemption long gone horrifically awry, Saint Maud is the type of movie that demands nearer analysis. Young professional caregiver, Maud, has a mysterious past. It’s hinted that she has struggled with dependency and trauma in the past, and it’s clear that she has placed a new route in existence thanks to her unwavering Christian devotion. Maud’s present-day purchaser is Amanda, a 49-year historic retired dancer and choreographer struggling from stage-four spinal lymphoma.

Amanda who’s described by way of her previous nurse as a bit of no longer so lovely individual. She gave up on existence and seems content material partying and drinking herself into oblivion. Maud sees the ache and sin interior Amanda, making it her mission to impervious the loss of existence woman’s salvation.

Release Date9 October 2020
Running time1h 24mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Saint Maud (2020) Subtitles