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A fourteenth-century Crusader gets back to a country crushed by the Black Plague. An ambushed church, considering magic the offender of the plague, orders the two knights to move a denounced witch to a distant convent, where priests will play out a custom in order to end the disease. A minister, a lamenting knight, ashamed nomad, and an adamant youth who can merely fantasize about turning into a knight join a mission grieved by magically antagonistic wild and furious conflict over the destiny of the young lady. At the point when the troubled party shows up at the convent, an awful revelation imperils the knight’s promise to guarantee the young lady’s reasonable treatment and sets them in opposition to a mysteriously amazing and dangerous power.

Release DateJanuary 7, 2011
(United States)
Running time95minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Season of the Witch (2011) Subtitles