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War in Georgia, 1992 in the area of Abkhazia: local Abkhazes struggle to break free from Georgia. Between the mountains, the Estonian village has become barren, almost everyone has returned to their homeland, only two men have stayed: Ivo and Margus. Margus, however, will leave as soon as he has harvested his tangerine crops.Wounded men are left behind in a bloody fight in their miniature village, and Ivo is obliged to take them in. They are, however, from opposite sides of the fight. This is a touching anti-war tale about Estonians in the midst of someone else’s war. How are they doing it? How do enemies behave under the roof of a third party?

Release Date15 October 2013
Running time87minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Tangerines (2013) Subtitles