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The house, nicknamed The 60 Yard Line, comes in between Zagger and his longtime fiancé, Amy Etzman. The film is set at some stage in a pivotal 12 months when Packer brilliant Brett Favre left to play for NFC North rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. The 60 Yard Line is kind of based on a genuine story about a man who provided a dwelling subsequent to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our protagonist is Ben Zagorski, a hardcore Packers fan who can’t keep a job, alternatively has a knack for football statistics.

The movie begins when Ben has subsequently saved up sufficient money for him and his fiancé to have the cash for a wedding, however, he impulsively buys this ideal dwelling next to Lambeau subject instead, dubbing it “The 60 Yard Line.” As Ben and his top-notch pal Polano locate economic success merchandising parking spots and web hosting Packers-themed parties, Ben’s relationship with his fiancé begins to fall apart. Ben learns he has to determine between his love for the Packers and his love for his fiancé.

Release Date8 September 2017
Running time1h 30mins
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The 60 Yard Line (2017) Subtitles