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Hemant Shah fills in as agent in office and lives with his mom and more youthful sibling Viren, he is infatuated with Priya yet her dad needs her to wed a very much settled person. After Viren looses cash in financial exchange ,Hemant then, at that point organizes some cash and as indicated by tips puts resources into share market to pay Viren’s debts. Hemant makes part of benefits with his knowledge and chooses to be a full time dealer after parcel good and bad times he turns into the ruler of offer market and carries on with an extravagance life and furthermore weds Priya. Apart from money managers the average person additionally begins to put resources into market as Hemant has given a beam of desire to them however question stays to big deal of market from where is Hemant orchestrating assets in financial exchange. Meera Rao a columnist finds about the trick of 565 Crore missing from National Bank Of India and Hemant is answerable for rearranging its subsidizes she covers the story causing inconveniences for The Big Bull.

Release Date8 April 2021
Running time154minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
The Big Bull (2021) Subtitles