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The Card Counter, Paul Schrader’s new film, offers him masses of headspace to self-examine, literalizing his psyche in the confines of higher than one motel room and at different factors in his life. William Tell is a gambler and former serviceman who gadgets to reform a younger man looking out for revenge on a mutual enemy from their past. William Tell sincerely desires to play cards.

His spartan existence on the online online casino path is shattered when he is approached via the utilization of Cirk, a prone and indignant youthful man seeking a useful resource to execute his plan for revenge on an army colonel. William Tell sees a chance at redemption by using his relationship with Kirk. The Card Counter is a variant on chronic Schrader themes, blending his affinity for Diary of a Country Priest with each other Bresson masterpiece

Release Date10 September 2021
Running time1h 52mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Card Counter (2021) Subtitles