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The Feast is a humble, low-stakes affair that makes use of terrain and closeness to make pressure, inviting cult into a world that may also appear perfect, on the other hand, is rotten underneath. The Feast is a deeply creepy Welsh movie that uses the human horror subgenre to give a perceptive notice of consumerism. In The Feast, a surprisingly quiet youthful girl named Cadi (a constantly undecipherable, purposeful blank slate of intimidating proportions performed using the capability of Annes Elwy) has been employed as a choice visitant for a fat family’s pivotal agency regale.

When with politeness advisement using the ménage dame Glenda (Nia Roberts) to alternate into one of her blouses following an incident that dirties top apparel. Cadi is each through me the position she no longer solely continues to be as creepy as the strictly auguring cinematography from Bjørn Ståle Bratberg, she lets out a burst of psychotic horselaugh while gaping at her reflection.

Release Date17 March 2021
Running time2h 10mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Feast (2021) Subtitles