The Gold Rush (1925) English Subtitles Download

The Little Tramp goes to Klondike to prospect for gold. There is little in the way of luxury or food, and much less in the way of gold. Conditions are harsh. Thanks giving supper consists of a boiled boot for himself and Big Jim Mckay. Once in the city, he meets beautiful Georgia in the dance hall of Monte Carlo. He finds himself competing with the ladies who have their sights on Georgia, too. Meanwhile, Black Larsen – wanted by the police – is attempting to steal the statements of Big Jim McKay. Big Jim attempts to stop him, but he’s knocked unconscious, losing his mind. The little tramp tries to impress Georgia back in town. He regains his memory when Big Jim arrives and he and the Little Tramp set out to make their fortune. The Little Tramp, sailing home-like rich men, has one more chance to unite with Georgia.

Release DateJune 26, 1925
Running time95minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
The Gold Rush (1925) Subtitles