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The imitation game explores the extraordinary multiplex types of secretiveness in the peculiar and exceptional lives of a pinpoint genius and icon of World War II, Alan Turing. As this spellbinding film reveals, secrets riddle society and have the power to unite mortal beings — and to divide them. The plot flits across Turing’s academy days, the length at some point of the war, and the time when he’s being probed via bobbies who agree that he might be a mole. It begins with a juvenile Turing being bullied by classmates for his eccentric ways.

It moves on to depict his orderly nature while dealing with mates in Hut 8. Operative Robert Nock (Rory Kinnear) questions him yea as he tries to explain the notion that machines can allow a different way from humans. It’s throughout the inquest that the police discover that Turing is homosexual. They file a case of indecorum in opposition to him. It took Queen Elizabeth periods after his loss of life in 1954 to pardon him in 2013.

Release Date28 September 2014
Running time1h 54mins
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The Imitation Game (2014) Subtitles