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In 2023, Purge Night is going to begin for the following 12 hours. A more odd ventures out from home and drives his vehicle with a secretive reason. In the interim, the couple Liz and Shane are incited by a covered man. They drive on the parkway and their vehicle suddenly stops. Before long they find that it was disrupted by the gathering of concealed men that are hanging tight for the start of the Purge. At the point when it starts, they are pursued somewhere around the veiled man. In the meantime, Eva and her little girl Cali find that Eva’s dad offered himself to a rich family since he is a weight to Eva and Cali since he is wiped out. Out of nowhere, a military attacks their structure and breaks into their condo. They are taken to the pioneer however the outsider chooses to save them and kills the warriors. In the meantime, Liz and Shane stow away inside the more interesting’s vehicle and he chooses to assist them with enduring. In any case, his vehicle is hit by the slugs and he needs another vehicle for his central goal. Eva tells that her companion Tanya lives a couple of squares away and he would acquire her vehicle. Before long the outsider engages with the four survivors and helps them during the hazardous evening.

Release DateJuly 18, 2014
Running time104minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
The Purge 2 (2014) Subtitles