The Secret: Dare To Dream (2020) English subtitles download

The story follows Professor Bray’s preface (Josh Lucas), who has a secret that will alternate everything. After Miranda hinder-ends him, he presents to restore her auto, which she accepts. His position as a family chum starts to cement, and he introduces the law of magnet ideas to the family. Bray makes the analogy of an attraction and a paper clip. They’re attracted to every different by using an unseen pressure, and ideas do the same problem — attracting facts like attractions allurement. She has a horrible outlook and wishes her three kiddies to be raised with a realist viewpoint on actuality — a factor of view that numerous council scholars at Pepperdine moment have to fete given the current situations of online academy

Release Date30 July 2020
Running time1h 47mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Secret: Dare To Dream (2020) Subtitles