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One night in New Mexico, in the last part of the 1950s, a switchboard administrator and radio DJ find an odd sound recurrence that could change the future for eternity. The film opens at a secondary school ball game. The whole town is in the stands. Thin players lope around the court. Team promoters do cartwheels uninvolved. Two secondary school children, Everett and Fay, leave the game and stroll across the abandoned town to their evening occupations. “The Vast of Night” isn’t only a complex exercise. It isn’t amusing in tone, and it doesn’t have quotes around the class. The separating decisions made toward the starting simply increment the sensations of closeness and warmth by the end.

Release DateMay 29, 2020 (United States)
Running time89minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
The Vast of Night (2019) Subtitles