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Bound to work like a dog on his family’s tea slow down, shrewd and driven Balram recognizes a brilliant chance to break liberated from the situation of his rank, and manufacture his way to monetary achievement. Having consummated the inconspicuous specialty of adulation, excited Balram figures out how to drive, and afterward, gets some work as a driver for well off, US-taught Ashok, his young new chief. In any case, in a world organized to keep Balram always a have-not, where debasement, pay off, and treachery go connected at the hip, satisfying his fantasy is more difficult than one might expect. Then, at that point, after a stunning yet enlightening occurrence, Balram’s stifled resentment explodes, and nobody is protected any longer. Eventually, what does it take to turn into a wild white tiger?

Release Date6 January 2021 (Las Vegas)
Running time125minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
The White Tiger (2021) Subtitles