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Logan has been carrying on with a ruined life following the passing of Jean Gray at his hands. A Japanese young lady goes to see him and reveals to him that a man he knew in World War II and saved his life, is currently passing on and needs to see him. At the point when he sees him, the man offers to make Logan mortal, however, Logan denies it. Afterward, the man bites the dust. At his memorial service, a few men attempt to get the man’s granddaughter. Logan saves her, yet when they shoot him, Logan doesn’t recuperate. They keep on going to where the young lady has a sense of security. Be that as it may, men continue discovering them and the specialist who was treating the man asks a Samurai who swore to ensure the young lady, to bring her Logan. Logan actually keeps on managing what befell Jean.

Release DateJuly 26, 2013 (United States)
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The Wolverine (2013) Subtitles