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Valley Girl,” a generation-defining opposites-attract love that opens with a helicopter shot that kisser from Hollywood, over the hills, former a radio palace, to the San Fernando Valley. Lovely teen Julie Richman is steeped in the devilish, pink-clad myth of the San Fernando Valley, whole with her narcissistic swain, Tommy (Michael Bowen). At a party, Julie falls for an edgy Hollywood punk named Randy, and the two begin a not likely love. Torn between turning in with her superficial associates and embracing a redundant-conformist life, Julie has to decide to stay with Tommy or take a chancewithRandy.A kitschy serape interpretation of the early-’80s teen movie love receives embrangle down in nostalgia.

Release Date8 May 2020
Running time1h 42mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Valley Girl (2020) Subtitles