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In “Vanguard,” Chan plays Huanting Tang, the boss of Vanguard, a worldwide safety company whose problem-solving capabilities and ass-kicking competencies are persistently conflated with their ethical authority. Tang and his employees flex their righteous muscular tissues and strive to set an excellent instance for (this past) Lunar New Year through defending faulty accountant Guoli Qin (Jackson Lou) from the Brotherhood of Vengeance, a Middle Eastern terrorist crew that Qin reluctantly helped to fund and therefore armed with weapons of mass destruction (“by selling oil and artifacts in Europe”). Unfortunately, Lei additionally gets kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Vengeance, which kicks off a tricky global rescue operation that starts in London’s Trafalgar Square, then heads for the hills of fictional Jiadebala (actually Zambia), and ends up in Dubai’s water fountains.  

Release Date30 September 2020
Running time1h 48mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Vanguard (2020) Subtitles