Wuthering Heights (1992) – English Subtitles Download

The feature film is adapted from Emily Bronte’s novel by the same name. The movie is directed by Peter Kosminsky. It features Ralph Fiennes, Juliet Binoche, Jeremy Northam, Simon Shepard, Sophie Ward, Janet McTeer, Jason Riddington, Simon Ward, Jennifer Daniel, Paul Geoffrey, John Woodvine, Jonathan Firth, and Sinead O’Connor. 

Heathcliff is a mysterious gypsy-like person who is very disturbed after the love of his life got married to somebody else. He lived his life like a servant with the family who adopted him and now after losing his soulmate to another person fills his heart with anger and vengeance.

Release dateAugust 1992
Running time105 minutes
File typeSRT ( Zip file)
Wuthering Heights Subtitles Download