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A film loaded up with sentiment and dramatization, in light of two youth darlings. The storyline of the Tamil film 96, follows the existence of K. Ramachandran, a picture taker, who following various years returns to his old neighborhood and visits his school. Sentimentality hits him, and the recollections of the educational time, his first love, his companions and the masti they used to do, all return to him. While going to the school gathering and reconnecting with his companions, he meets the young lady he fell head over heels in love for in his school days, Jhanvi. Has time evaporated the affection that used to exist between the two, or a little sparkle still around, holding on to be relit?

Release Date4 October 2018
Running time158Minutes
File typeSRT (zip files)
’96 (2018) Subtitles